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Asicfw Our new custom firmware is specifically designed to improve the performance of Antminer ASIC miners, which are among the most powerful cryptocurrency miners available today. Our firmware has been optimized to work with all popular mining algorithms, including SHA-256 and Scrypt. One of the standout features of our firmware is increased hashing speed, allowing for faster and more efficient cryptocurrency mining compared to standard firmware. Additionally, we have ensured lower power consumption, making your mining operations more economical. We have also added additional features to make using ASIC miners more effective, convenient, and safe. Our custom firmware is easy to install and requires no special programming skills or prior experience. We provide detailed instructions on how to install and configure the firmware so you can get the most out of your miner. Join the community of miners who are already earning more profit with our custom firmware for Antminer ASICs!

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Development fee: - Bitmain Antminer 19 series, L7, D7 - 2.8% And there are special conditions for large farms.

Antminer L7 energy efficiency

Antminer D7 energy efficiency

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