AsicFW is Perfect for Custom Software Development

Development of software and hardware solutions for the automation of all processes, including not standard.

Alternative firmware for Antminer S9/S9i/S9j, T9 +, L3 +/l3 ++, D3

Free custom firmware allows you to fully discover all the possibilities of your miner!

Developers fee is no more than ~ 1.8% of the total hash rate. And there are special conditions for large farms.

  • Improving energy efficiency by 25% (S9 up to 80J/T - 80W/1TH) and up to 40% (L3 + 1.25W/1MH);
  • Automated settings for consumption or performance profiles;
  • Selection of voltage and frequency per circuit board automatically and manually;
  • AsicBoost SHA256 on any pools supporting technology for S9 T9+;
  • Fine tuning of frequencies per chip individually;
  • The Wattmeter built into the web interface, available via API;
  • Frequency is up to 1175Mhz S9, and it may be higher than 850Mhz but only for immersion cooling - up to 24TH;
  • Fan control, fan control disconnection for immersion cooling – cooler emulators no longer needed;
  • Watchdog is performed by temperature and hash rate;
  • Parallel Dev fee mining, without drawdowns and suspension of the main mining process;
  • Compatible with all management and monitoring systems, API;
  • Automation for mass firmware for S9 ASIC series – patch generation (mini firmware with config) with all settings and mass update, support for auto-numbering adds to the worker of the 2nd octet of the IP address of ASIC (workername.0x23);
  • The ability to redirect a part of the device hash rate (1-20%) to pay for services for host hotels and managers - Redirect % of ASIC speed to additional pool (for example: rent payments, electricity and etc.).

Firmware for Antminer S11 v001b
Firmware for Antminer S15 v001b
Firmware for Antminer T15 v001b
Firmware for Antminer D5 v001b

Monitoring system is compatible with our firmware.

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