Topic: Warning! Viruses!

Attention, everybody! The number of virus attacks on farm mining has increased lately. There are many types of viruses, mainly the virus hides under the time service (ntp service), then blocks the pools with switching the power to other pools, the function of updating the firmware is blocked.

In the near future we will release updated firmware with protection against it and asic treatment in the network.

So far our recommendations:

  • Update firmware of your routers to the latest version, use a long strong password, disable access to control and SSH via WAN interface;

  • New, especially used asic, always update fimware asic again in a separate, unrelated network. Check whether the firmware has been updated and whether your pool settings have been set correctly;

  • Do not use PAT port forwarding from outside the Internet to asics for control, do not give real addresses to asics from the Internet, only in DMZ NAT.

Most often the virus gets used asic and through poorly protected routers.

Re: Warning! Viruses!

If it just firmware upgrade doesn't work out, ssh manual upgrade:
1) Unarchive 7zip firmware files
2) Log on to asic via winscp (root:admin)
3) Go to the \tmp folder
4) Create an img folder there
5) Copy all content after unzipping to /tmp/img
6) Log on to asic through putty (root:admin)
7) cd /tmp/img
8) chmod +x
9) ./
10) reboot

Re: Warning! Viruses!

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