AntMiner L3+ / L3++ firmware

Alternative firmware allows you to fully discover all the possibilities of your miner!

Bitmain Antminer L3+
Bitmain Antminer L3++

md5: 0dd97c27ac43f7e9194e65cbeac41c3b
sha1: 61393574e1b30668e1085028ea46c3bbb81e81e3

Alternative firmware for Antminer L3 +/l3 ++

Free custom firmware will allow you to fully reveal all the possibilities of your miner!

The developers' fee is not more than ~1.8% of the total hash rate. And for large farms there are special conditions.

  • Improve energy efficiency up to 40% (L3+ 1.2W/1MH)
  • 650W 520MH ..... 1050W 650MH
  • Automated settings by consumption or performance profile;
  • Selection of the voltage and frequency for the payload automatically and manually;
  • Fine tuning of frequencies individually by chips, possibility to start in work faulty payments;
  • Built-in web interface Wattmeter, available via API;
  • Frequency up to 650Mhz, above 500Mhz only for immersion cooling;
  • Fan control, deactivation of fan control for immersion immersion cooling - no need to cooler emulator anymore;
  • Watchdog on temperature, chip loss, hash rate;
  • Parallel Dev fee mining, without stoppages and suspension of main mining;
  • Compatible with all control and monitoring systems, API;



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